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Campaign Overview


You are a bunch of refugees.
There is no need for the Party to know each other prior to the start of the game.

The War

You are from the country of insert name here which is currently in the throws of a major Mage War. The party managed to get onto the last ship leaving port before it the city… somewhat exploded.

The Ship

The ship you are on was the last to leave for a reason. There are still planks of wood, boxes of nails and buckets of tar stacked on the deck. The workmen are still busy hammering away as the sailors are trying to sail the ship across the waters. Conditions below decks are probably best not to describe.

Character Generation

Please use the character generation on Pathfinder to create characters.

Characters will start at level 8.
Use the 25 point build.
Maximum hit point progression at level-ups. Stealing an idea from DDO and altering it slightly… add an additional 15 hp at level one, as a one off, your GM doesn’t hate you all the time bonus.


Gold to buy equipment as per the table on the link above.
You are limited to the amount of gear you can fit into one rucksack.
Each character may carry at most two weapons.
Heavy armour is not an option at the start of the game.
Carrying quantities of paper could be a problem, as you are on a potentially unseaworthy vessel.

Main Page

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